The procurement department of the State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation" is a structural division of the State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation".

In its official activities, the Department is guided by the laws and legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, documents of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation", local legal acts, as well as the requirements of the Regulations on the Procurement Department of the State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation".


                             Main tasks of the Department:

- Timely and complete provision of the SUE Center “Uzaeronavigation” and its structural divisions with goods, services (work) necessary for the implementation of production and social tasks.

- Organization and conduct of professional training, retraining and advanced training of Department employees.

- Development of qualification requirements for contest documentation, coordination of procedural requirements, coordination of the results of the contest committees’ work.

- Organization of electronic procurement on special information portals.

- Organization of procurement/tender procedures: assistance in the preparation of contest/tender documentation, examination of documentation in the authorized bodies.

- Conducting marketing research on the cost of availability of goods, services (work) in international markets and markets of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

- Organization of customs clearance of received/sent goods under import contracts.

- Carrying out quality control of goods and materials purchased for the needs of the SUE Center "Uzaeronavigation" and its structural divisions for compliance with the requirements of the standards and technical parameters specified in the contract.

- Monitoring the fulfillment of contractual obligations and other contract terms.

- Representing in the established procedure on behalf of the director on issues within the competence of the Procurement Department in relations with state and municipal bodies, as well as other organizations and institutions.