The main production goal of the State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation" is to fulfill the requirements for ensuring flight safety by improving the coordination of processes, planning and air traffic service.

The main activity of the State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation" is to ensure flight safety while air traffic service. Implementation of control over the activities of the structural divisions of the CUAN in fulfilling the assigned tasks aimed at ensuring flight safety. The State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation" and its structural subdivisions have introduced and are promoting the operation of the Flight Safety Management System (FSMS). Flight safety is constantly assessed by air traffic control. Every month, the State Unitary Enterprise Center "Uzaeronavigation" by the Committee on Flight Safety carries out "Days of Flight Safety" at which information on flight safety is studied, including international practice. Simulator training is arranged with air traffic controllers at the ATC simulator to work out non-standard situations while air traffic service. Internal FSMS audits are carried out in structural divisions aimed at improving the level of flight safety in the Republic of Uzbekistan.