Air traffic management in the airspace of the Republic of Uzbekistan


     SUE Center “Uzaeronavigation” ensures state policy in the field of air traffic management according to the requirements of state aviation regulations AP RUz-71 “Air Traffic Service in Civil Aviation”, internal regulatory document “Guidance on Air Traffic Management in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. It follows international standards and recommendations:   ICAO Annex 11 «Air Traffic Services», ICAO Doc.4444 «Air Traffic Management».


     Air Traffic Management (ATM) – the dynamic, integrated management of air traffic and air space including air traffic services, airspace management and airflow management- safely, economically and efficiently- through the provision of facilities and seamless services in collaboration with all parties and involving onboard and ground- based functions.


     Air Traffic Management includes:

a) Development of air space structure;

b) Development of ATM units structure and forming of ATM service;

c) Analysis of air traffic intensity;

d) Development of planning procedure and procedure of air traffic coordination;

e) Development of the procedures of ATC units and  services interaction while performing flights;

f) Planning of air traffic flow;

g) Air space usage control;

h) Development of documentation regulating air traffic service.