Air traffic management in the airspace of the Republic of Uzbekistan

     SUE Center "Uzaeronavigation" provides state policy in the field of
air traffic management in accordance with the requirements of state
aviation regulations AR RUz-71 "Air traffic service in civil
aviation”, internal regulatory document “Guidelines for the air traffic management in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and is guided by international standards and
recommendations: ICAO Annex 11 “Air Traffic Services”, ICAO Doc.4444 “Air Traffic Management".

     Air traffic management (ATM) is carried out in safe, economical and efficient manner a dynamic and integrated management of air traffic and airspace, including air traffic service, airspace and airflow management, by providing facilities and continuous service in cooperation with all partners and using onboard and ground functions.

    Air traffic management includes:
     a) airspace design;
     b) development of the structure of the ATS units and the formation of the ATS service;
     c) air traffic intensity analysis;
     d) development of procedures for planning and coordination of air traffic;
     e) development of procedures for the interaction of control units and services during flights;
     f) air traffic flow planning;
     g) control of airspace usage;
     h) development of documentation regulating the air traffic service.