The height of the TOWER at Samarkand International Airport is 35 meters. The facade of the building was lined with ceramic and granite tiles, modern lighting was installed around it.
The air traffic controller monitors air traffic from the TOWER and APPROACH working units 24/7. That is, the control of the aircraft is carried out from the moment of its preparation for takeoff until the moment of landing and taxiing to the parking stand.


At present, more than 100 specialists of ATS and engineering and technical personnel in the operation of radio equipment and communications base are working at Samarkand territorial branch of ATC.
The Center for Automated Air Traffic Control in Samarkand has an area of responsibility of 155,577 km2, which includes an auxiliary regional center in Termez, 5 airfields (Samarkand, Bukhara, Navoi, Karshi, and Termez) and receives radar data from 11 integrated to the radar system radio location stations. 19 air routes with a total length of 12,810 km and 18 air corridors with bodering states run through Samarkand FIR.
Nowadays, in order to more effectively organize flight safety, the facilities of the radio technical support for flights in Samarkand regional branch have been replaced with thoroughly modern equipment and put into operation.